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The walkway over the Hudson is the largest pedestrian bridge in the world. Spanning approximatley 1 1/2 miles long, We are located 6 1/2 miles south of the bridge. Park your car free of charge and hop on one of our many well maintained rentals and off to the ride and view of a life time. The trail is located just steps away from the store for your convenience.

Repairs and Service:

Our qualified staff is equipped and capable of handling any repair you may have, large or small. Prices are job based. We  supply helmets free of charge with all rentals and provide monthly bike storage for those who would rather not transport thier bike back and forth. Free annual tune up with long term storage. Riding lessons are also available for children and adults.

Seaonal Tune-Ups:

Tune-ups consist of:

*Safety Check      *Secure all bolts    *Lube Chain and Necessary Parts.

*Adjust Shifting    *Set Tire Pressure

*Adjust Brakes      *True Wheel For Brakes



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